Three Bananas a Day…

Three Bananas a Day…

Three bananas a day, really? Well, yes and why not? They are the number one fruit for many athletes as they provide not only a lot of energy, but also many minerals.

Almost everybody these days knows that bananas contain potassium, but how much?

A small banana contains about 500mg of potassium and it is recommended to have a potassium intake of 1500 to 1600mg per day to reduce the chances of getting a blood clot in the brain, lower the risk of suffering from a stroke and also lower the risk of death by strokes.

Interesting not only for women might be that bananas help prevent bones decaying at fast rate and the vitamin B6 they contain helps regulate your blood sugar levels and you feel at times of PMS or morning sickness.

The tryptophane bananas contain, is converted by your body into serotonin and you feel much better when suffering from depression.

And if you want to give up smoking you should eat bananas too to recover from the withdrawal symptoms. The vitamins B6 and B12, the potassium and magnesium they contain help with it.

And you can even use the peel of your bananas. If you rub an mosquito bite with the inside of the peel the itch will go. And if you have a wart, place some banana skin on it, yellow side out, and hold it in place with plaster.

And even though bananas have about 108 calories each, they won’t make you gain weight if you consume them within your body’s calorie requirements. The high fibre content of bananas not even helps you control hunger, but also helps restore normal bowel function in case of constipation.

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  1. The bananas look aaargh; I loose appetite to eat them — I prefer to go back to my cake 🙂
    And do you know, that you can eat the peel if it is organic? If you cut the whole organic banana in little pieces and eat it with your muesli — not bad, but it needs getting used to.

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