Stinging Nettle Seeds, a great Source of Protein

Stinging Nettle Seeds, a great Source of Protein

Vegetarians and body builders make sure they eat foods that are rich in protein. And there are quite a few supplements available.

But one great source of protein is completely free and you can find it not only in your own garden but also in many parks. It is stinging nettle seeds.

Most people know that stinging nettles can be used in several ways. You can eat the leaves in a salad, cooked as veg or use them to make tea. You can use them as fertilizer or to fight plant lice and plant diseases.

But not many people know about the health benefits of stinging nettle seeds. They are not only rich in protein but also contain potassium, calcium and the vitamins C, B3 and E.

In July and August you can harvest the seeds and all you need are a pair of gloves and a secateurs or a knife.

If you just want the seeds, just cut them of but if you want the leaves too, you can cut off the whole shoots.

If you want to keep the seeds for longer you should dry them as they go off pretty quickly. On a warm day you can dry them on a kitchen towel in a shady place or you can dry them in the oven. But make sure the temperature is below 40°C as otherwise some of the ingredients get lost.

The seed have a nutty taste and can be used in salads, soups, cream cheese, muesli or in a smoothie.

In my mind stinging nettles are a very versatile super food that is also completely free.

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