Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Today we often eat more sugar a day than out ancestors did during an entire lifetime, but sugar has a very high caloric content and no nutritional value.

It does not only cause weight gain but also encourages inflammation and infection, raises insulin levels and compromises the immune system.

The high insulin level encourages not only the storage of fat, elevates triglyceride levels and promotes cardiovascular disease, asthma, gallstones, hypertension, arthritis and even moos swings.
And even though we know that too much sugar, fat and salt can cause health problems, it is almost impossible to avoid eating refined sugar these days, even with out a raging sweet tooth.

Refined Sugar is added to everything from bread and pizza dough to spaghetti sauce or salad dressing.

So what can you do to reduce your sugar intake?

You should cut down on processed an packaged foods as they all contain a lot of sugar.

If you have sweet tooth, you should rather eat a few high quality sweets you really like than lots of crappy stuff. And eat more fruits to indulge your sweet tooth. Or enjoy a piece of organic gum from your health food store instead.

Don’t drink sugar. Soda contains a lot of sugar too, so rather drink water or tea. Soda is liquid candy.

Especially when eating your breakfast, make sure not to eat too much sugar such as doughnuts or muffins as that sugar overload will unbalance your system for the rest of the day.

But I must admit of course, that reducing your sugar intake is kind of hard right now with Christmas coming and all the sweet treats around everywhere. So maybe wait till next year. 😉

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