Lavender or rather Lavendula also belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. 47 species of lavender are known.

It is used as ornamental plants in gardens, as culinary herbs but also commercially for the extraction of lavender oil.

As culinary herbs you can use lavender in salads, in bread recipes or do flavour biscuits and desserts. Why not try some lavender sorbet or have some flowers in a glass of champagne. That will not only impress your guests but also taste delicious.

For culinary use harvest your flowers and leaves when the flowers look fresh and have the fullest colour. But you can of course also use dried lavender if you haven’t got a garden or no possibility to harvest fresh lavender.

But lavender is of course also used because of its medical properties. Rubbing lavender oil on your templates can ease a headache, it is an insect repellent, has antiseptic properties and is nice and soothing when applied to scrapes and cuts.

You might even experience a better night sleep if you tuck a lavender sachet inside your pillow.

And if you happen to make you own soap, you can of course also use lavender oil and some flowers for decoration.

I personally love the scent of lavender and also the taste as culinary herb in a Mediterranean style dish.

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