Chives are an edible species of the Allium genus and its scientific name is Allium schoenoprasum.

Chives are really easy to grow either in your garden or in a flower pot on the window sill.  They love moist soil, so don’t let them dry out and can be cut one inch above the ground when they are about 6 inches high. Don’t worry, they’ll regrow quickly. And if you forget to cut your chives and they start blooming, the flowers do not only look beautiful, they taste yummy too and look lovely in any salad.

The hollow green leaves have a light taste of onion and are uses in many dishes like soups, salads and others that need a slight hint of garlic. Chives are great with grilled fish and potatoes, or in potato salad.

Chives are rich in Vitamin K, high in fibre and are a great source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese. The also have anti-inflammatory, antibactirial, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties.

So all in all chives are another healthy and easy to grow herb.

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