Calendula officinalis (Marigold) is not only a beautiful flower, but also has good healing properties and is used as a culinary herb too.
The petals of Marigold can for example be used in salads or to colour cheese or as a cheap substitute for saffron. A dye can also be made out of them.

From the flower tops of Calendula plants oil can be distilled. but you can also make tea.

Internally the tea made from Calendula officinalis can ease menstrual pains, stomach cramps and constipation. When applied to the skin its anti-inflamatory capabilities can help heal ulcers, wounds and haemorrhoids.

If you want to grow Calendula in your own garden you can do so either in a flower bed or even in a pot as they grow anywhere.

The best time to pick the flowers is at the hight of their bloom in the early afternoon when all the dew has dried off. And don’t be shy when picking them as the flower produces more flowers as soon as you’ve picked them.

You can easily dry them on a paper or tea towel. Best store them out of direct sunlight once they’re completely dry.

But if you haven’t got a garden, you can buy all kinds of Calendula products like liquid extracts, ointment, cream or infusion.
In creams, lotions and shampoos usually the liquid extract is being used which is made by extracting the oils from the dried flowers.

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