Like many other minerals calcium is essential to maintaining body health. It keeps your bones and teeth strong, ensures proper functioning of muscles and nerves and helps your blood clot.

If you are not getting enough calcium every day, the body ‘borrows’ it from the bones and the risk osteoporosis increases. Calcium deficiency can also be a possible cause of hypertension or colon cancer. Research also suggests that enough calcium in your diet makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Good sources of calcium are milk, cheese and other foods as well as green leafy vegetables, soy beans, tofu and soy drinks with added calcium.

If you use calcium supplements to prevent or treat calcium deficiencies, you should make sure that vitamin D is added as vitamin D is converted to a hormone that helps enable calcium to pass from the digestive system into blood and bones.

Calcium carbonate is not only the most common but also the least expensive calcium supplement and should always be taken with food. And taking magnesium with it might help to avoid constipation, some people might develop.

Calcium citrate can more easily be digested and absorbed and can be taken without food. But it also is more expensive.

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