Basil belongs to the same family (Lamiaceae) as mint and is also called the “king of herbs”.

The about 60 varieties of this fragrant herb basically fall into the three main types: sweet, purple and bush.

Basil can be used in Mediterranean cooking combined with rosemary and thyme or with pine nuts and parmesan in a pesto. Or just try tomatoes with mozarella, basil and a bit of extra virgine olive oil.

In Asian cooking lemon basil with a citrus note and holy basil with its spicy and intense taste are more common.

But Basil also has its health benefits it is not only rich in Vitamin K, but also contains Vitamins A and C, lots of minerals and DNA-protecting flavonoids. It also has antibacterial properties.

So Basil is not only a very tasty addition to soups, sandwiches and many other dishes, but can also kill harmful bacteria and protect the body from illnesses like heart attack, stroke or arteriosclerosis.

And did you know that the word basil comes from the Greek word “βασιλικόν φυτόν” (basilikón phutón) which means royal/kingly plant?

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